7 ways to stop and rest. The beauty of doing nothing.

In my day to day I do not stop a second: work, my projects, children, social events … Everything I do I love, and I put passion and desire. I like my work, I am excited about my new projects, I enjoy the sessions, I like to invite people to my house (my family, my friends …), I like to do new things …

At the end of the day I feel exhausted, tired . Of course, satisfied with everything I have done and achieved. But sometimes I would like to stop and rest a little, do nothing . But I don’t do it, there is always one more task to do, and if there isn’t, I make it up.

But body and mind need rest. A few days ago my body sent me a clear message through an anemia: TO . But I didn’t pay much attention. I continued my routine crawling as I could between the sea of ​​tasks.

Two days ago my body sent me the same message even clearer, through a virus that has prostrated me in bed without the possibility of doing anything at all: no job, no blog, no workshops, no friends … nothing. And you know what? That nothing has happened. The world has continued to walk without me.

Doing nothing is also important. Rest, stop the mind, the body, take energy and then do everything we have to do with more momentum, more enthusiasm.

I’m not saying that I have to be surfing the Internet all day, or take a nap all afternoon … but why not? Why not enjoy a restful nap? Why not enjoy a good book? Why not see you again a season of Game of Thrones of the pull? That is part of the enjoyment of life, too.

We may be trying to do more things because we love doing it. That is my case, and it is wonderful. But even then, taking thousands of hours of work and neglecting the rest of life is not always the best idea. Sometimes it is good to stop, rest, relax, “to Get Less Done.”

How to stop and rest

Curiously, it includes a section on how to stand up. It seems to be something we all know how to do. After all, aren’t we constantly searching for ways to do as little as possible?

You are already one of the people who dominate the art of doing nothing. If so, congratulations. But in my case, and I suppose that of one of you, in which I have forgotten to rest and relax, we may have difficulties.

Some ways to stop and rest can be:

  1. Stop 5 minutes what you are doing to go for a walk . Breathe the fresh air.
  2. Go outdoors , enjoy nature.
  3. To play. Play as a child. If you have children, enjoy playing with them.
  4. Take a day off. Choose one day a week or month, and take it free. Sleep. Watch movies. Throw yourself on the couch to read . If you can’t a whole day, at least one afternoon.
  5. When you arrive from work, disconnect the mobile . Do not check email or anything that is related to the job. Don’t talk about work with others in those hours.

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