9 Reasons Why Running Increases your Well-being

That running helps us stay healthy is something already known to everyone. However, for many people, physical exercise can be a difficult task, a cumbersome and complicated duty. You may change your mind after reading this article in which I will tell you 9 reasons that will show you that running is not only good for your health, it will also make you feel much happier.

Because what, after all, is happiness, but the search for integral well-being and balance between our body, our mind and our environment? As incredible as it may seem, something as simple as running is one of the most complete physical activities that exist and can quickly bring you closer to that state of well-being that we all want for our lives.

1. It is easy and practical

If you are one of those who think that exercising requires a lot of planning, time and money, I must tell you that running is the easiest, most practical and economical solution. Forget about paying for an expensive gym and having to stick to stipulated schedules. To run you just need appropriate footwear and you win. You can do it at any time, without having to move anywhere far away and without spending a cent. In addition, you can go at your own pace, wherever you want and for as long as you want. It’s so simple that there are no excuses for not running.

2. Reduce stress and depression

Physical activity for the prevention of anxiety and depression is something that is known and practiced since ancient Greece, but lost strength in the twentieth century with the emergence of powerful drugs that promised to magically combat these evils. Luckily, we are again understanding that nothing is more natural and healthy than exercise to overcome emotional problems. They call it ” psychotherapy through movement ” and I assure you that it is much more effective, more fun and less expensive than the psychologist’s chair.

A study by the Southern Methodist University of Dallas showed that the reaction to stress is much better if people regularly do some type of aerobic exercise. On the other hand, post-exercise physical exhaustion will result in a deeper rest and restful sleep that will make you wake up like new.

3. It connects you with yourself and the environment

It doesn’t matter if you decide to run on the treadmill in an enclosed area or if you choose to go out to tour your neighborhood. Being an activity that does not require following instructions, positions or preset guidelines, you allow your brain to concentrate on whatever you want. It is possible that at the beginning it costs you a bit to let go and stop thinking about problems and worries. But little by little you will be connecting with yourself , with your breathing , with your resistance levels and it will be a space of time in which you will be with yourself, aware of how your body works.

On the other hand, if you decide to run outdoors, you will begin to “re-know” the place where you live, to see things that previously went unnoticed, to appreciate the details . Nothing more therapeutic than contact with nature; It is something that is often lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and that you can recover while running.

4. Increase self-esteem and self-confidence

If you are one of those who feels happy when you manage to complete a task, then you will be in a permanent state of happiness while running. The human body is a prodigious machine that adapts quickly to what you demand.

If you are starting to run do not set unattainable goals . The idea is not that you get frustrated, but that you gradually test your ability. In this way, you will be surprised to overcome your own brands, you will feel proud of yourself and gain confidence to set new goals.

Finally, the benefits provided by running will have a marked improvement in your physical appearance, which will make you feel safer and more comfortable with your image and, therefore, with much more peace of mind.

5. Release toxins

Running helps release toxins and impurities through perspiration, in addition to oxygenating the blood thanks to the strong gas exchange that produces strong breathing. All this will affect a radiant skin with good color . You will be a healthier person and that will be reflected in the mirror and in your mood.

If you are one of those who exceed a little in meals, smoke or drink alcoholic beverages frequently, running will help you purify all your systems so you can give yourself those “allowed” without regrets and even reverse certain types of addictions.

6. Keeps you in weight and toned

A good part of today’s society is concerned about its weight. A diet can be effective, but it will be much more if it is accompanied by regular and constant physical exercise. Imagine for a moment that you find the magic recipe to lose those extra pounds. Wouldn’t you feel very full? Well, that formula is in your hands, or rather, in your legs. Running at least 30 minutes a day, 4 or 5 times a week will eliminate all excess fat and, what is better, tone your muscles so that nothing “falls” after having lost weight.

On the other hand, running will help you lose weight slowly and progressively , which according to professionals, is the right way to do it so as not to affect health or recover the lost weight in the short term.

7. Increase physical and mental agility

Obviously, running will put you in very good physical shape, which would be enough to make you feel healthier and more comfortable with yourself. But in addition, a study from the University of Illinois showed that running exerts powerful brain stimulation . Contrary to what one might think, people who run daily feel more active and more energetic throughout the day.

8. It helps you to socialize

Many runners decide to do it alone to concentrate on their performance , in addition to serving them as a form of meditation and moment with themselves. But there are many others who prefer to run in pairs or in groups to be able to measure themselves, compare times, set common goals and connect socially.

Whether alone or in a team, the running trend spreads more and more followers every day and the runner community is usually gregarious, relaxed and participatory. It is always good to feel that you belong to something. Running is much more than fashion. It is a way of life .

9. Produces pleasure and happiness

Beyond the psychological reasons that show that physical activity produces happiness, there are chemical processes within the body that scientifically endorse this fact. Running, as well as dancing or laughing, causes the generation of certain hormones in the body that produce very positive effects.

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