Allow Yourself Time to Live

Today I woke up with a reflection. In fact, I’ve been going around since last night, and I haven’t been able to sleep very well for it.

I recognize that I am a multi-passionate person . I like to be involved in a thousand issues, and I’m usually thinking about what new project I’m going to start or what activity I’m going to do. There is nothing wrong with being that way. In fact, I am proud of it.

Perhaps what makes me reflect is what I put all that energy and enthusiasm into. There was a time in my life that my “passion” was work. I have always liked my profession very much and I have tried to do my best, dedicating the necessary time. However, at that time, I left early in the morning for work and did not return until at night. On weekends I did things at home to carry out pending tasks or study more to be better prepared. Very few significant things happened in that time of my life. I dedicated my time mainly to work.

Of course that is already past and fortunately I knew how to react and start to spend more time on what is really important to me : my children, my partner, my friends, my health …

Still I think I still have a lot to improve. I am still passionate about my job, now more than ever, and I surprise myself leaving an hour later from the office or cleaning my email inbox at night from home. I also keep getting into many projects, and sometimes I think I don’t have time to live.

I am not the only one who happens to these things. I look around and see friends who work on Saturday and Sunday (after having worked all week), companions who come home, bed their children and continue to work until dawn, others who after many years decide to have a mobile business or marriage costs, young children who do not go to the park because their parents have to work on their projects …

I am not perfect and I do not have to be (the latter I have to remember many times). Sometimes I spend a lot of time doing things very well, instead of just letting things flow and learning to love imperfection and assimilate mistakes.

Now I am doing an exercise that helps me to be aware of what I have dedicated my time to. Every night I review my day: from my list of the 4 most important things for me , I evaluate how much time I have spent on that day for each of them and how satisfied I feel, from 0 to 10. How much time do you Have I dedicated to my loved ones? On the days I work in a split shift, maybe I have only seen my children at night for a while, and my partner another short time at noon: well, I give it a 3. How much time have I spent on my health, taking care of myself ? And so I am evaluating my way of spending time on what I want. Of course, without judging me or feeling guilty , just with the idea of ​​reflecting and being aware.

I know that I am on the road to the life I want. Every time I dedicate more time to my loved ones , to take care of myself, to enjoy, to live. I have proposed that this year be the year of calm, and thanks to my mindfulness and meditation exercises I am getting less stressed, enjoying what is around me and relativizing everything a lot. I will not stop being multi-passionate: I like to live new experiences, face new challenges. But those experiences, these new challenges, I want to choose them, and I want to live them intensely, enjoying every moment . I still need to improve, but where is the perfection in this?

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