10 steps to have a good mood every day

Although it may seem unimportant, it really isn’t, maintaining good humor is necessary and constitutes a vital practice for our existence. Many times we face many problems, and although they want to put us in the mind that everything is easy, the truth is that it is not so. However, failure often helps us achieve success , and fueling negativity will only cause states of unhappiness and health problems.

Precisely, due to all the bad things that are in our environment, we must find and enjoy the small portions of happiness that we can, and we will be able to live a full life .

It is not about closing our eyes to reality, nor living blindly in a bubble away from everything, but about making the effort to adopt small habits that have positive effects on our body and brain, to make us feel better.

Here are ten suggestions for you to start changing the tone of your days, from the moment you leave the bed.

10 steps to have a good mood every day

  • First of all: do not swirl in bed! Get up, and forget to postpone the alarm, as this will only make you sleep again, and continue waking up 5 and 10 minutes later with the same alarm, which will contribute to your bad mood. Then, you will end up doing everything in a hurry, you will run out of the house for having been doing nothing in bed. You will finally realize that those minutes you tried to take out the alarm clock are not really part of a productive break.
  • Drink water . Hydrating in the morning is important, remember to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, every morning, and you will see how well your body responds. Well, one of the reasons we feel fatigued when we get up is because of the dehydration that occurs in the body, after many hours in a row without drinking fluids. This small glass of water will help you feel more awake, and it will also help you relieve the slight headaches that we sometimes experience upon waking. If you do not tolerate water alone, at certain times, you can add lemon drops to add a touch of flavor.
  • Start by doing something you like. Nothing better than starting the day with something you like, be it reading the newspaper, walking your dog or watering the plants. Starting the day doing something you love will help you have a positive state of mind , and face the day in a better mood. Believe it or not, one of the best things you could do is have morning sex, as this encourages the production of endorphins, fills you with energy and frees you from stress.

  • Let in sunlight. If you wake up when the sun has risen, open the curtains in your room and let natural light invade the environment. Breakfast also in a room where natural light penetrates, if possible you can go out to the balcony for a moment. Sunlight has positive effects as it helps us improve mood and wake up. It is advisable that you do not sleep in totally dark rooms, or lower the blind completely, but take advantage of natural light to wake up little by little.
  • Have a good breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so give yourself a very delicious and healthy one that helps you feel better from the first hour. If we add to it the pleasure that results from sitting down to eat, take advantage of this moment of the day to do it and improve your good mood. Include in your breakfast foods that provide you with energy, such as fruits, oatmeal or eggs, and avoid processed or sugary foods.
  • Get some exercise. Exercising during the morning has many benefits, as it helps you speed up your metabolism, burning calories for the rest of the day, and also provides you with energy and reduces stress. Think about how beneficial it is to train in the morning, because after work you just want to go home and relax.
  • Dance Dance Dance! Music has a stimulating effect on the brain like almost nothing else. When we listen to songs that we like, they activate us and make us in a good mood, so take advantage of this benefit of music. Select songs with rhythm and be optimistic and start your day dancing.
  • Fix yourself. This is a good way to give yourself a moment and give yourself a love. Do not do it thinking that others will look handsome, but do it just to feel comfortable with yourself. This is not selfish or frivolous, but of a special moment that you dedicate yourself, so worry about your image. Among the first symptoms of depression is the fact that the person stops worrying about their appearance. It’s not about putting on makeup every day, if you don’t like this, but take a shower, give yourself a moment to put a moisturizer on your body, take care of your hair, among others. It’s about spending a little time in the morning so you can take care of your looks and look handsome. Leaving the house with that feeling will help you feel in a good mood the rest of the day.
  • Do not go in a hurry. Leave your home in time so you have space to get to work on time, without the need for any incident to delay and stress you. Going in a hurry makes us prone to having small accidents, such as tripping over something or forgetting important things at home, and this is something that can definitely ruin the rest of the day. If you walk or drive, take a few minutes to have a coffee in a special place, try not to procrastinate, and you can do things with time, and quietly.
  • Give things the importance they deserve through language. Some things, such as missing the bus or forgetting the charger at home, we tend to handle it as extreme situations, especially through the language or expressions we use to narrate them, so learn to relativize, also with your language.

As you can see, having a good mood when you wake up will influence how your day is going. If you wake up thinking positive and applying all these tips, I assure you that you will be happier and more productive. But not only your happiness is at stake, but also that of those who relate to you. What do you say then, is it worth it or not trying to follow these habits?

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