How to Change Your Bad Habits

Those who read me more frequently know that I decided to change my habits . Every month I decide on a habit that I want to change and I focus on it. I have managed to implement habits in my daily life how to get up early , meditate daily , exercise , finish my day saying the three best things of the day …

At first some did not work for me. I was able to change the habit for a few days, but then I couldn’t keep them in time. But after doing the Shojiki habits workshop , I learned how to change a habit correctly, forever.

I am going to give you a brief summary of what I learned in the workshop, but really what made me learn is the workshop itself. Despite being an online workshop. It may seem that I am paid to speak for this workshop, but it is not so; It really is a workshop that I recommend to everyone who wants to change a habit.

Keys to change a habit

Buy a small notebook or take one you have at home. It will be your habit diary , where you will write your evolution daily with the habit. For example “ Today I was tempted to eat a cake, but I stood firm in my habit. I opted for fruit. ”You can also use a mobile application, if you are more of technology. I recommend Lift .

Choose your habit . Reflect if it is aligned with your values ​​and with your goals in life. Write the “ for what? ”Of your habit, all the benefits that you will have when you have it implanted in your life. If what you want is to change a bad habit, think about what will be the habit that will replace the bad one.

Commit to the habit . If you have decided to change a habit, commit 100%, and carry it out no matter what. It’s okay with “I’d like to” or ” I’m going to try .” Commit yourself in writing, in your habit notebook. Tell all your family and friends, post it on your social networks.

Choose the trigger of your habit. What will remind you to do this new habit? For example, if you want to go jogging every morning, you can prepare your sportswear by the bed the day before and set the alarm an hour before.

Choose a reward , something that really motivates you. For example, if you love cinema and want to quit smoking, at the end of each week that you have managed not to smoke you can go to the cinema. It has to be a reward that you really enjoy.

Start slowly , do it gradually. I started the meditation with 5 minutes and getting up early with 10-15 minutes.

Research and document . Search the Internet on pages or blogs that talk about it. Read books about your topic or search for videos on YouTube. When you have a strong theoretical framework, all the questions that arise will already be resolved and that gives you the ability to act in case of errors or if you need to modify your procedures. Learn from the experiences of others.

Define a plan . Put in writing in your notebook of habit how you will proceed, in detail. For example, if every afternoon you fancy something sweet and you want to change that bad habit, your procedure can be, every time you feel like sugar, spend that time reading your favorite blog with a good cup of tea (without sugar) – whenever you like reading blogs and drinking tea, of course 😉 Find what works best for you.

Be strong . Discipline is important in the first days. Do it consciously.

Detect your excuses . You will suddenly find yourself excusing yourself not to make your new habit. Be aware that it is an excuse and that you are sabotaging yourself. Remember that your habit is worth it and continue with it.

Enthusiast yourself with the new habit . Find that momentum that motivates you to fight for your habit. If you lose motivation, search again for videos or blogs that motivate you, change your focus

Do not collapse if you fail . Failure is an inexhaustible source of wisdom and learning. Laugh at your mistakes and take the opportunity to improve. Get going right away: keep up your habit.

When your new habit is already a reality, congratulate yourself , enjoy your new life . Be grateful and generous: share what you know, help others to change.

Doing the habit workshop Shojiki taught me how to change a habit . And changing habits is changing life. And you, what habit do you want to change?

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