Stop Shopping Addiction: The 8 Keys You Need

The expression ” shopping addiction ” may seem a bit exaggerated, but professionals point out that it is a real day-to-day problem in their consultations. You can say a person is addicted to shopping when he spends so much time, energy and money buying, or even thinking about buying, that seriously damages his life. Happen to you? If so, please read on.

In addition to financial problems, shopping addiction has emotional consequences: guilt, shame or anxiety after the shopping spree. It can also damage your relationships, creating frictions with friends and family. It can even harm your professional life. And because many people don’t realize how addictive shopping can be, it is much easier to fall into addiction. In addition, this shopping addiction has become much more frequent as purchases over the internet are becoming easier.

The reasons behind addictions
Like an addiction to alcohol, smoking or gambling, shopping fans get hooked on the quick way to feel good. Shopping actually stimulates brain chemicals to feel good. And, for shopping addicts, compulsive shopping can be an avoidance mechanism to postpone certain steps in your life, such as leaving your job, leaving your spouse or curing psychological disorders such as agoraphobia or anxiety.

Other addicts use shopping as a way to feel more like their ideal self. Close the gap between who we are and who we want to be seen. We see the acquisition of material goods as a central objective of life: an indicator of success and a path to happiness. Actually, of course, shopping tends to take us further away from our goals.

All this comes down to insecurity. People are trying to fill a void of other aspects of their life, such as their relationship, work or trauma. If your partner does not make you feel loved, if your professional career does not give you the feeling of too much importance or if you are too afraid of facing a mental disorder, you can resort to something else, such as the appeal of Amazon.

Signs that your shopping addiction is a problem
First, see if purchases are causing conflicts in your life: Are creditors harassing you? Is it a source of discussions with your partner? Have you borrowed money from friends for your shopping addiction? Are you falling behind at work because shopping takes you a long time?

You should also consider the extent to which purchases have consumed your life. Many of us have episodes of excessive shopping. But if it has become very important in your life and you think and talk about it all the time, you have a problem.

Your emotional response to spending is another factor. If finding a good offer, whether online or in a local market, gives you intense pleasure, that is a warning sign. And on the other hand, investigate if you suffer from withdrawal, if you feel restless and irritable if you do not have the opportunity to verify your offers online, for example.

How to combat a shopping addiction
Why don’t we get to the point? You want to solve your shopping addiction. So I leave you the eight best strategies you can use to combat your shopping addiction.

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