What Happens ‘A Week without Internet on Mobile’?

This week I have done an experiment: disconnect the Internet from mobile. My Smartphone has become, for a week, a classic mobile phone: to call, receive calls and SMS.

Why have I done it? He had been distraught for a few days. Too many tasks. Too many commitments . Too many events and preparation of those events. Too many ideas in the head and no time to develop. Too many notifications to respond. I was starting to feel stress physically and mentally. I needed a break and a reset. I thought about it on the fly. And as I thought about it, I did it.

The beauty of disconnection

This week I woke up in the morning and sat still with my infusion and my breakfast immersed in the silence that is just before dawn. Some days I heard the silence. Other days I read a book. Others I have reflected on life. After breakfast my time for meditation has arrived . Then I sat down and wrote, myself, my thoughts and the soft sound of the keyboard. I have felt much more inspired, more creative. I really enjoyed this beautiful moment at the beginning of the day. It has been a wonderful moment for me, I have felt calm, calm .

In the rest of the day I have also been much more present . I have left work without the need to answer WhatsApp messages. I have enjoyed my bus trip, reading a book or observing the landscape. There was nothing new to solve, no new event to go to. Everything was at peace.

I have done my normal activities much more relaxed and calm . I have played with my children, I have walked, I have eaten with one of my best friends, I have had a tea with my husband and I have talked a lot and with very different topics. There have been no new activities to do urgently, new events in which to be yes or yes.

I have spent the dead time waiting to read or see a conference that I wanted to see and had pending.

All these moments are second to none. It is true that I have lost things, but I have also gained a lot.

And as of now, what?

It is not technology that I am afraid of. It is from a life in which you always have to be connected, always with interruptions, distracted, bombarded with requests and information. I want a life where I have time to create and do what I like , a life where I can connect with people of flesh and blood.

That is why I have decided, for now, to take these measures:

  • Remove some applications from the mobile: those that can waste my time, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Set moments to connect to the Internet . I don’t need to read the Whatsapp every time I receive a message, so I’ll search 2 or 3 times of the day to read those messages.
  • The rest of the time, disconnect the Internet. That way I keep the messages from entering and I may be tempted to read them. And battery saving.
  • Do not read the messages until you leave home. That way I will always enjoy my morning routine. There may be exceptions, such as when I have met someone, in case there has been a last minute change.
  • Have periods of disconnection , either a day or a weekend.
  • Read a book in the dead moments. I have books downloaded on my mobile, which do not need connection to read them.
  • Check Facebook and Twitter only once a day or every other day , maximum 10 minutes.

I hope that these measures allow me to be connected to the world without generating stress or wasting my time. Because my time is very valuable and I want to dedicate it to what is truly important to me.

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