5 Tricks to Increase the Ability to Concentrate

The quality and quantity of work you can produce depend, in large part, on your ability to concentrate. No matter what effort you put into it, if your brain is not working well, you will not be as productive as you should be.

Although many of the factors that affect concentration are beyond your control, a large amount is determined by the behavior. These 5 tricks will help you make your mind work at peak performance so you can excel in highly creative activities such as writing, creating ideas and strategic thinking.

1. Get enough sleep. It may seem obvious, but the most important factor that affects concentration is rest. If you have not slept well, your mind is dispersed and lethargic. Avoid this by making sure you get enough sleep at the right time. Set a time to go to bed regularly and use a night routine to relax so you don’t have trouble sleeping.

It is also important not to sleep too much. Falling asleep disrupts your natural rhythm and leads to sleepiness. Avoid this If you have to choose, I have found that it is better to sleep a little less than too much. If one day you end up tired, your body will compensate, forcing you to go to bed early the next night.

2. Have a plan. When you sit down to work without a plan, it’s easy to get caught in the catch-times like checking email and surfing the web. Without a purpose, your mind will disperse in several different directions. Instead of devoting all your attention to an important task, you will find yourself distracted by a variety of persistent thoughts.

To avoid this, have a clear action plan made in advance. If you need to check email, finish it as quickly as possible, and then close the inbox and move on to your most important task. So at the beginning of the day or at the end, make a plan of the day , detailing where you are going to focus. When making a plan, you decide where to concentrate your mental energy instead of allowing it to be randomly dispersed.

3. Eat light and healthy. Nothing slows the mind and body more like a greasy and heavy meal. Eating too much puts a huge energy load on the digestion of the body, undermining the strength of the mind. Make the most of your ability to concentrate with the consumption of light and healthy meals . You may realize that you need less food than you think. If you run out of energy, have something healthy to snack on hand to give you a quick boost (nuts, dried fruit.

4. Exercise. The body saves the energy it needs to be used. If you don’t exercise regularly, this energy can manifest itself in the form of a distracted mind. The best way to improve your concentration throughout the day is to exercise early in the morning. This will clear your mind, give you the opportunity to reflect on the day ahead, and allow your body to sweat the impurities. Later you will feel rejuvenated, clean and prepared to take on difficult problems.

5. Take breaks and change surroundings. Stagnation and fatigue are other factors that can negatively affect concentration. When you’ve been working too long in the same place, you start to be restless and lose focus. The best remedy for this is taking breaks and changing your work environment. When you find that you have lost focus, get up and take a walk. This will increase your heart rate and alertness, and give your mind the opportunity to work on the problem internally.

It can also be useful to work in different places. Instead of being chained to your desk all day, move. Every time you move to a new location, the change of scenery refreshes you and increases your motivation to work and your ability to concentrate.

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